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8 Weeks Challenge 2022

Rp 1.250.000

SANA 8 Weeks Challenge seeks to shift our paradigm and raise awareness about the importance of active healthy lifestyle and life balance. The idea of ‘change takes time’ process is the mantra behind this challenge, there is no instant way to positive or best result.

We are aiming of a lifestyle change towards an ACTIVE HEALTHY LIFE, each of participant is an agent of change to their surrounding.


Laila Munaf, Adianti Reksoprodjo, Imel Wiseso, Melissa Suryadi, Adelia Anastasia, Gyanda Agtyani.


Hilyani Hidranto, Wulan Anindya, Meiske Sandra, Anisa Bella, Mia Wulandari, Rizma Nugrahayni, Athia Diana, Oktiya Haniarti, Gabriela Maryam, Metha Kamila.

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